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„Barcelona: A city full of art and love“

Unser Andrea weilt weiterhin in Spanien und war diese Woche in Barcelona unterwegs. Dort traf er eine alter Bekannte und verbrachte wunderschöne Stunden mit ihr. Während wir hier vor unserem Computer in der Hitze eingehen, kann man da schon ein wenig eifersüchtig werden, auf das famose Leben Andrea Dell’Amores. Bekommt man doch nicht alle Tage einen Heiratsantrag und trifft die Ex-Frau von Tom Cruz an einem Tag. Oder so…

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„Awakening in Barcelona: a city full of art… and my blond ladyfriend is indeed a great piece of … art.“


„The weather is cloudy: I find shelter in the Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece by architect Antoni Gaudí, best known practitioner of Catalan modernism. A young ladyfriend seems to have misunderstood the situation: I am here neither for the „holy family“ nor to get married: as always, what I worship and seek is beauty!“


„‚El Gato‘, an enormous bronze statue portraying a rounded and full black cat, by Fernando Botero. It is a fascinating work, and I feel intrigued, but El Gato may not be the pussy I am looking for today…“


„Finally the sun pierces the clouds and shines again: a magical landscape of colours brightens my day…“


„…and the sun, warming our hearts, brings delight along with the light.“


„But Barcelona is full of surprises. I meet a dear friend and art lover walking its beautiful streets: the sweet Penélope Cruz.“


„Penélope insists on taking a picture: she wants a photo as a souvenir of me, for her and another ladyfriend … but I tell her to stop. I have an exclusive agreement with my friends at Kristall magazine… And to be honest, I have a far better idea in order to leave an indelible memory to these two SOUVENIRLOVERS.“


„Penélope’s friend is also interested in art… and they both want something to remember me by… I’ll use my best tool to paint a wonderful picture on the canvas of their … mind … or my name isn’t Dell’amore!“

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