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„Beijing: From China with Love – part one“

Ungefähr 1,34 Millarden Einwohner hat China. Mehr als Nordamerika, Europa und Russland zusammen. Genug Menschen, denen es gilt die Botschaft der Liebe zu übermitteln. Niemand könnte dies besser als unser Andrea Dell’Amore. Exklusiv für Kristall-Magazin berichtet er von seinen Erlebnissen in der Volksrepublik. Man munkelt das seine Reise aber auch noch andere Gründe hat… Welche erfahrt ihr kommende Woche.

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„Waking up here in Beijing is always a marvelous experience … as the first thing I breath is the scent of my sweet almond-eyed ladyfriend.“


„Street food is something special you have to try here, even if the ingredients can seem strange to us westerners … Fried insects… they say they have aphrodisiac powers: do I need that?“


„Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and President of the People’s Republic of China, has invited me to the presidential palace to meet me. He admits he did it on the insistence of his adorable wifey …“


„Xi has me escorted by two young women in traditional dress… He tells me there is more than meets the eye, they are trained bodyguards too … nothing new for me: I am used to have women watching over my body.“


„The Great Wall of China: a landmark not to be missed, a testament to the fact that there are no limits to what humans can achieve with their hands and desires … And my American tourist ladyfriend here manifests her interest in further proving this point to me…“


„The sun sets on this majestic scenery…“


„There are many more things to see in Beijing when the sun shines again … But this day is over, and it is now time to explore what the night has to offer also… something tells me I will not be disappointed…“

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