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„Beijing: From China with Love — part two“

Unser Liebesbote Andrea Dell’Amore befindet sich weiterhin in China. Ein unbeschreibliches Treffen lässt ihn eine Entscheidung fällen, die auch uns trifft. Wir haben aber Verständnis, denn seit Monaten reist Andrea nun durch die ganze Welt um Liebe zu bringen. Exklusiv für uns berichtete er von seinen waghalsigen und romantischen Abenteuern. Seht hier noch einmal gebündelt all die großartigen Reportagen des gutmütigen Italieners. Andrea, wir werden dich vermissen! Pass gut auf dich auf und finde deine innere Mitte. Dein Kristall-Magazin.

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


 „I slowly wake up, here in Beijing, with my dear ladyfriend Cai-yun… We have listened to my last record, SouvenirLovers… but that is not the only souvenir of love I have given her…“


„After cuddling in bed, it is time to experience this city rich in traditions and contradictions.“


„A young Chinese beauty shows me her affection and appreciation… Maybe she would like to give me something more, but right now I feel like roaming and exploring the city…“


„And I happen upon an adorable tranditional chinese music ensemble… and they all wanted me to try my hand at their instruments…“


„After music and love, I felt it was time to honor Chinese martial arts too … With a Taijiquan session. Harmony in movement and control of energies … practically like making love: and so I understand perfectly how it works.“


„But in my encounter with one of the most popular symbols of China I have understood many things … A Panda puppy, he too in need of love. Meeting him has led me to make a decision… a very important decision…“


„My ladyfriend Cai-yun got to know about my decision, and she would like to make me change my mind. But my mind is set… and the decision is irrevocable.“


„The following day president Xi Jinping grants me an exclusive special meeting… I explain my plan, and he wishes me good luck…“


„And here I am, entering the Taoist temple that will be my home during my retreat: farewell worldly life, it is time to meditate.“


„Dear friends of Kristall magazine, I say goodbye to you from Tian Shan, the Heavenly Mountains: now I will meditate on love… I hope to see you soon again, but for now I will be here, immersed in contemplation. Take care, and long live love!“

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