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„Brazil 2014 — A cup… brimming with love!“

Ein wenig traurig war unser Mann für’s Wesentliche schon, als er dem Ausscheiden seiner Italiener in Brasilien beiwohnte. Aber Andrea Dell’Amore wäre nicht Andrea Dell’Amore, wenn er nicht wüsste wie sich in solchen Situationen zu helfen ist. Man holt sich den Trost bei den verbliebenen Spielerfrauen… Spaß am Strand und ein Besuch der Christus-Statue dürfen bei einem Besuch an der Copacabana nicht fehlen. Für die nächste Woche möchte er weiter treffen und am Ende über Thomas Müller landen…

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„When you wake up beside a young Brazilian ladyfriend it gets very hard … to leave the bed. Believe me!“


„But if you love strong emotions, the view from atop Rio’s Christ the Redeemer will wake you up like the strongest of delicious South American coffees.“


„After all I am here for the football world cup … but I do not know much about football: fortunately on Copacabana Beach I meet a ladyfriend who knows her way around balls … she explains to me the rules of the game.“


„Ok, apparently one of the rules says that you are not allowed to use your hands … I may not be cut out for this sport: the desire to use them anyway is too strong!“


„I hurry to Natal and the arena where the Italian national team is playing. Unfortunately they do not win … but not all is lost: young Italian female supporters are disappointed, but I find a way to console them and put a smile on their faces anyway.“


„Italian ladyfriends were not the only ones that needed consoling. Football is good, but love is so much better, and several young wives and girlfriends of football players have felt … deep appreciation for my company. The feeling was mutual, and I would therefore like to thank, from the left: Bruna Maquenize, girlfriend of Brazil’s Neymar; Yolanthe Cabau, Holland’s Wesley Sneijder’s wife; top right, Ann-kathrin Broemmel, Germany’s Mario Götze’s partner; bottom right, Antonella Roccuzzo, Argentina’s Messi’s wife… The world cup is not over yet: time to continue scoring!“

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