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„Brazil — so many people and things to do“

Waghalsig zeigt sich Andrea Dell’Amore diese Woche in Brasilien… Er hat sich einmal richtig auf die Matte werfen lassen, jedoch uns auch versichert, dass er auf viel Erfahrung zurückgreifen kann. Da sind wir ja beruhigt, denn es wäre schon ein krasser Verlust, würde unser Liebeskorrespondent und sein wöchentlicher Bericht fehlen. In den Wellen Brasiliens kam er auch auf den Genuss den Weltmeisterpokal in seinen Händen zu halten. Aber seht selbst:

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„Every morning here in Brazil one wakes up to a world full of playfulness and lust … for life. Don’t let yourselves be fooled: the cutest pussy may not always be the one you see on the smart-phone cover.“


„Whatever they tell you to visit in Rio de Janeiro, don’t forget to spend a whole morning by the sea … it is a perfect place for a lady to get sprayed down with … frothy waves of love. My ladyfriend here, for example, was a bit intimidated by the size… of the waves. But I took her hand and she got wet with me in the water … and she thanked me with the sweetest of kisses.“


„A late afternoon walk to admire the scenery on the Copacabana seaside while being caressed by the breeze: this is priceless.“


„Brazil does not only stand for football: Brazil also means Brazilian Ju Jitsu, a discipline born in the streets of this country. These young ladyfriends have invited me to go for a roll together. Why not try?“


„BJJ is an interesting martial art … and it is rich in close physical contact. Dear friends of Kristall Magazine, do not worry for me, I am well prepared for this: this is not the first time a woman takes me to the floor and jumps on top of me…“


„But in the end it is inevitable to talk about football again. I do not know who will win the Wolrd Cup… but as always it will take love and dedication, and the climax will be a great celebration.“


„And while their husbands are busy preparing for that athletic climax, there are so many wives of football players with other climaxes to celebrate!“

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