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„Cappadocia – Istanbul: A journey of love“

Der hochbegabte Andrea Dell’Amore weilt weiterhin in der Türkei und berichtet, wie jede Woche, investigativ von seinen Erlebnissen. Weil unser Liebeskorrespondent dies nun schon seit geraumer Zeit auf höchstem Niveau macht, haben wir keine Kosten und Mühen gescheut und ein Jeep besorgt, mit dem er durch die Prärie preschen kann. Schaut euch seinen Bericht und die einzigartigen Fotos dieser Exkursion an!

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„Another pleasant awakening for me here in Istanbul: I am at Anastasia’s place, a Russian ladyfriend with a taste for the Orient. She loves luxury, and for a while I’ll be her sybarite…“


„A short but unmissable tour of Istanbul’s fascinating market … It is still quite early in the morning, and soon I will be ready to embark on an adventurous pleasure trip to Cappadocia.“


„Wow! My friends from Kristall magazine really know how to organize a memorable excursion for me! The scenery here is breathtaking. Cappadocia is unique on the planet with its geological profile and in 1985 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.“


 „I arrive in Kaymaklı, the underground city. I am accompanied by a young ladyfriend, eager for me to go deeper inside.“


„As I squeeze myself in … the crevices of the earth… where ancient peoples lived … I nearly lose my way. Luckily the scent of my ladyfriend guides me to her: she is my Ariadne in this labyrinth. We are united again, and we go out towards the sun.“


„Back in Istanbul I have the time to get the dust off my body with a hot bath in my favorite hammam … where many ladyfriends ask for my help to make their bath and mine even hotter…“


„But soon I am off, to an event I cannot miss: I throw myself into a whirling dervish dance … my head is not spinning, but my heart beats frantically. They dance to forget their bodies … I become even more aware of mine.“


„I retire to rest in Anastasia’s comfortable bed … she has waited for me like an eager freshly wed wife. The day has been long and wearing … but I am always ready to play my part and fulfill my „marital“ duties… to deliver yet another load of love: today, and tomorrow, and forever.“

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