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„Istanbul: When love is the question, the answer can be an act rather than a word“

Istanbul! Unser Andrea setzt seine Reise fort und ist mittlerweile nach Stationen in Portugal, Italien, Spanien und Brasilien in der Türkei gelandet. Auch dort scheinen die Leute offen für seine Worte und können sich nichts besseres vorstellen, als sich in die Arme unseres Liebesexperten zu begeben. Allen voran im Haman sind seine Qualitäten gefragt…

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„I awake, after my first night here in Istanbul: a night full of love in the home of my sweet ladyfriend Afet. Her eyes are blue like the waves of the Marmara sea caressing this beautiful city.“


„And on this very sea Afet insists to take me on a cruise on the Bosphorus. Afet’s vessel is as beautiful as she is, and the view is breathtaking: Europa on one side, Asia on the other. This is a rendezvous only nature and love are capable of creating.“


„After getting wet with Afet, I am back on dry land, to make an important request: speaking from a minaret, to spread the word about the power of love.“


„Many people of different ethnic backgrounds get closer to hear my words about the essence of love … In such difficult times for love between peoples and cultures, above all in the middle east, I feel honored to talk about love. Love is something I am always as ready to discuss as I am to make!“


„But speaking of love is not enough … one must seek love… and above all make love … And so, after many words, on the narrow and crowded streets I meet Feray. My new ladyfriend insists that I should follow her to a hammam, a Turkish bath… She too is eager to get wet with me.“


„There I meet other ladyfriends harboring desires similar to Feray’s … I ask them to be patient for a short while, as I relax and gather my energy with some delicious snacks and fresh beverages.“


„The time has come to satisfy the numerous wishes of my ladyfriends … and here I am, covering one of them with copious white warm and foaming liquid … She is only the first of many, but luckily my reservoirs are full of love and patience … and I am heroically ready to have them all covered.“


„I am tired but feel satisfied after this marvelous day full of words and actions of love … I relax smoking and drinking some Turkish coffee … here in Ela’s boudoir: she is an indulgent belly dancer, and she is ready to dance for me soon…“

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