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„Spain: Running bulls and a Corrida of love“

Unser Liebesflüsterer Andrea Dell’Amore hat die Weltmeisterschaft und damit Brasilien verlassen und sich nach Spanien begeben. Auch dort könnte er wie zuletzt reichlich Trost spenden, wenn man das Abschneiden der Nationalmannschaft bei der WM betrachtet. Das ist jedoch dieses Mal nicht seine Aufgabe. Vielmehr möchte der attraktive Italiener Bullen reiten. Erst jagt er sie durch Pamplona und später erlegt er sie in seiner eigenen Arena. Ein Meister seines Faches….

Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE.


„I awake here in Madrid, and as usually I rise to a soft and voluptuous breakfast… But today my aim is not to savor the beauties of Madrid: I am here to participate in the crazy Saint Fermin bull run!“


„I leave for Pamplona: it is a 3 hour drive from Madrid, but with my car, one of the only 99 GTA Spanos on the planet, with a max speed of 350 km/h I will get there soon enough … cars are the only area of my life where I like to get there quickly.“


„Here I am: celebrations begin… hundreds of champagne bottles are popped, inebriating liquids landing in equal parts in the mouth and on the clothes of nearby people. It is rather packed. Inflatable balls of various sizes bounce around in the multitude. It is an orgy of fun and bodies-touching-bodies…  I feel completely at home in it.“


„The “Encierro”, a circa 800 meter run being chased by bulls, ending in the Plaza de Toros. …. But I prefer to run along with the bulls: I feel we have so much in common, a sort of spiritual bond… even if to reach the arena I am forced to dodge some of them. Once there I have an idea:“


„The matador… I decide to wear the traditional bullfighter outfit.“


„But my Corrida is different … it is but a game … albeit a dangerous game, like the game played by a man and a woman.“


„It is just like a real bullfight… And she knows that in the end my weapon will penetrate her…“


„In my favorite arena: the bedroom… I have not hurt a single bull … and the red cape of the matador turns into luxurious satin sheets. The curtains fall on my day, as the panties fall to the floor.“

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