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„From the temples of China — love is about to return“

Es war ruhig geworden um unseren Botschafter der Liebe, denn er hatte sich in ein chinesisches Kloster zurückgezogen. Jetzt, pünktlich zum Fest der Liebe, ist Andrea Dell’Amore zurück und hat uns einen Bericht von seiner Zeit in den Tempeln mitgebracht. Vom morgendlichen Fitnessprogramm und anderen religiösen Aktivitäten…

 Immer am Puls der Zeit, im Epizentrum des Bebens, der Nabel der Welt — ANDREA DELL’AMORE!

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 „Now… here… far away. In these Chinese temples I awake alone, with myself. No sweet nightly companions. But love runs strong as always in my veins… because I really love myself too.“

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„Days here pass in slow tranquility, and are spent in spiritual meditation. But I keep my body as strong as my spirit: I run every morning up the 20.000 steps to the temple…. When I return to worldly life, my body will have new love-energy to spread…and to unleash.“

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„There is room for music too here at the temple, but I have not touched an instrument for my entire stay… I am charging up and saving energy for my upcoming concerts and new encounters … out there in the world.“

andrea dellamore_china4_kristall-magazin

„Of course women are trying by all means to enter my life again… but I keep calm… I know that love is growing and blooming inside me, like a strong plant in a greenhouse… ready to offer its juicy fruit and seed… to all my ladyfriends, old and new.“

andrea dellamore_china5_kristall-magazin

„Buddhism and Taoism can seem irreconcilable … but I have found a way to explain how I conceive of love … using my music. And so I gave this Buddhist monk a bit of my yin-and-yang … my first album BossaLovers, and my latest release SouvenirLovers…“

andrea dellamore_china6_kristall-magazin

„Hearing my music again, as the monk played the records, I realized that soon it will be time to return among you, my faithful friends and ladyfriends of love… music is calling me, and so is love… And I will answer the call: I am ready!“

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